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Attraction Writer: Freelance Service

Attraction Writer is a freelance writing service providing promotional copy, web content, and blog posts for purveyors of various attractions.

Attraction is a loaded word. Its meanings range from the romantic to the scientific, from the desirable to the marketable. Indeed, the manifestations of attraction are many. And yet there’s another level to this loaded word: that broad class of entities known collectively as “attractions.” These are entities whose success is dependent on their appeals to imagination, curiosity, and taste; they promise a thrill or delight beyond the daily routine, and at their best, they evoke childlike wonder. They are amusement parks, concerts, festivals, theme restaurants, historic sites, guided tours, museums, and galleries, to name a few. They take many forms, from the roadside pop-up attraction to the months-and-years-worth-of-planning type attraction–from canvas tents to brick-and-mortar structures.

My name is Alan D. Tucker, and I created the Attraction Writer because I’ve never outgrown my own childlike fascination with the places and events listed in bold type above. Such things are the cornerstones of culture, whether they be high art or low, and yet they suffer from a lack of participation when imaginations are not engaged. With this service, I thereby commit my writing to the cause: to partner with the owners and operators of various attractions, so that together we can draw participants who are passionate about the experience being offered. Each attraction has its audience, and I’m eager to write specifically for them.

Purveyors of attractions big and small: if you want to boost your marketing strategy but don’t need to hire a full-time copywriter, then I invite you to contract with me. If you’re ready to capture imaginations; if you want to draw hearts and minds; if you wish to dream with your customers, then I am your ally.

To reach me, either fill out the short, simple “Contact” form (link at the top of this page), or email me at Let’s dream!

Alan D. Tucker
Content Blogger, Essayist, & Novelist


“You have captured the essence, heart and purpose behind what we do. Thank you for such a beautifully written piece.”

–Susana Allen, co-owner, The Fainting Goat Coffee Company


“Holy smokes. I’m not sure where to start. It’s beautiful. You’ve captured our essence. I would love to use this.”

–Rebecca Stilwell, owner, Spring Hill Antique Mall