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About Me

I live with my family in Spring Hill, Tennessee, a suburb (or exurb–it’s a bit of a gray area) of our former home, Nashville. Spring Hill is a town growing so rapidly that it overburdens its infrastructure daily. But I suppose we’re part of the problem, because like thousands of others, we moved here only recently. In many places, farmland sits adjacent to strip malls. All the main thoroughfares are two-lane roads, and silos are still being razed to make way for national chains. Growing pains aside, however, it seems a good place to live. And there’s a four-block-or-so strip of Highway 31 (I call it “old Spring Hill”) where a handful of early twentieth-century style houses stand, their lawns shaded by stately sugar maples. Old Spring Hill also contains a few boutiques and salons, an outstanding¬†coffee shop, a pair of quaint old churches, a fascinating and unique antique mall, and a gem of a bakery, all of which, taken together, help provide the requisite charm a small town needs. I still sometimes yearn for Nashville’s urban clout, from its art galleries and symphony center to its slew of colorful neighborhoods, but for now, Spring Hill is the home base of the Attraction Writer, i.e., me. When I need a dose of Nashville, at least it’s only half-an-hour away.

In 1998, I graduated from Union University with a bachelor’s in art. Though I took painting and art history seriously (loving it, even, and I still do), spending many hours in study and studio, my mind wandered toward writing. By the time I declared an English minor, I’d already begun to suspect I was more of a writer than a painter. Nevertheless, I taught high school art for two years, which was plenty of time to realize there was no “calling” for me to be a teacher. After this brief period, I moved to Nashville with some close friends to pursue music. We made a good run of it, but sadly our group fell apart in late 2003 and early 2004. By then, I was working in a medical laboratory, which would be a steady source of income and benefits for many years. Eventually, though, I began thinking about returning to school for a master’s degree, and in summer of 2013, I entered my first semester as a graduate student at Belmont University. I’m not sure I would’ve completed the degree without my wife’s support. Indeed, I was limited to one class per semester, due to the demands of raising children and working full-time. But the day finally came: in December of 2017, I graduated with a Master of Arts in English, and now it was time to make a career change.

After a bit of job-searching, in which I saw some things I could do but not that I really wanted to do, I began learning about freelance writing. Two things stood out: first, freelancing is a viable way to earn a living, despite the non-traditional sound of it; second, there’s a higher demand for freelancing than one might think. To that second point, for example, many businesses find themselves in a position where they desire a bit of marketing, but the amount of work they need doesn’t justify hiring a full-time content creator. Enter the freelance writer. According to my research, the most successful freelancers find a specific niche in which to practice their craft, and they pour into it everything they have. It was during this niche-finding phase that I landed on attraction writing.** The more I thought about what it meant to be an attraction writer, the more I fell in love with the idea–the more I had a sense for how such a business could grow. Here was a way for me to both earn an income through writing and to explore the kinds of things that have enthralled me since childhood. As I mentioned on this website’s homepage, I’ve never lost my childhood fascination with places where people gather for the purpose of being amused or of having their imaginations engaged in a way that transcends their daily routines–places like amusement parks, theaters, concert halls, and museums; places offering delight and mystery in equal measure. I knew that if I had the opportunity to partner with the businesses behind these kinds of attractions, I’d pour everything I had into engaging their target audiences. And I would give so much, because I would love the work. Thus, Attraction Writer was born.


**Not to be confused with attraction marketing. A more detailed description of what I mean by “attraction” can be found on my homepage.


“You have captured the essence, heart and purpose behind what we do. Thank you for such a beautifully written piece.”

–Susana Allen, co-owner, The Fainting Goat Coffee Company


“Holy smokes. I’m not sure where to start. It’s beautiful. You’ve captured our essence. I would love to use this.”

–Rebecca Stilwell, owner, Spring Hill Antique Mall