The Attraction Writer

From the moment I found free parking at the Church of Christ at Spring Hill until I sat making notes afterward in my leatherbound notebook, the Spring Hill Art Walk, organized by the Spring Hill Arts Center (SHAC), had proven to be a quintessential fall experience. What I mean by “quintessential fall experience” is that, strolling from […]

Rapid but contained forward motion: a ring of runner-less white sleighs in tight formation move along an unseen track, up and down gentle slopes, around a central, shining globe resembling a disco ball, over and over again. Round and round, faster and faster. The screams grow louder, and a man in a booth at the side of […]

Old cameras abound in the high school gymnasium-turned-repository that is Spring Hill Antique Mall. Though the numerous cameras’ technologies are obsolete, particularly since the demise of film, their curious designs nonetheless invite collecting. I wouldn’t recognize a rare model, but there must be enough connoisseurs out there to merit the inclusion of so many styles in a […]




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