The Attraction Writer

Rapid but contained forward motion: a ring of runner-less white sleighs in tight formation move along an unseen track, up and down gentle slopes, around a central, shining globe resembling a disco ball, over and over again. Round and round, faster and faster. The screams grow louder, and a man in a booth at the side of […]

Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater has employed the proscenium arch of a traditional theater to curious effect. The roof of its stage structure stands like an enormous wave flowing left to right, frozen at the point where, if suddenly animated, it would crash into the Cumberland River. In my cellphone-produced image above, the wave’s crest curves slightly, but an actual […]

As a haunter of coffee shops, I often can’t tell whether I’m creating a great experience myself or partaking of one that already exists. Every coffee shop has its aura, ranging from lame to lavish. I prefer a middle ground: a cafe with a healthy dose of atmosphere, yet one that doesn’t impose itself too trendily, as […]

Old cameras abound in the high school gymnasium-turned-repository that is Spring Hill Antique Mall. Though the numerous cameras’ technologies are obsolete, particularly since the demise of film, their curious designs nonetheless invite collecting. I wouldn’t recognize a rare model, but there must be enough connoisseurs out there to merit the inclusion of so many styles in a […]




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